Horchata | Andean herbal tea | 18 herbs and flowers

Horchata | Andean herbal tea | 18 herbs and flowers

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Genus: diverse

Family: diverse

Origin: Ecuador

Common names: Horchata, 18 herbs and flowers

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Ecuadorian Horchata is a clear red infusion of 18 sacred herbs, and is most famous in the province of Loja.

Wakingherbs` Horchata comes from Vilcabamba, a very special town in Loja, where many people grow organic food for self consumption and living. The cooperative of women who collect our herbs, have many of them in their own organic gardens, but also collect the most special flowers from the Podocarpus National Park, where the most beautiful springs of pristine water are high in the mountain in an unique ecosystem called pára

18 herbs and Flowers

Our Horchata contains Broadleaf plantain (Llantén), Borrage (borraja), melissa (toronjil), Lemon grass, amaranth flowers , pepper mint, ataco, lemon balm, rose geranium, and also many flowers and roses that  grow wild in the paramo ecosystem.

The red color is given by a red leafed herb called escancel, in English it is known as bloodleaf,


Make an infusion of all the herbs together for 10 minutes. You could add some panela (raw sugar cane) and put some drops of lemon.

Enjoy hot or cold!

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