Munay Amazonian Reishi | Ganoderma applanatum extract

Munay Amazonian Reishi | Ganoderma applanatum extract

Reishi’s wild Cousin is here. Made from 100% fruiting bodies that are wildcrafted by indigenous people. Ganoderma applanatum is in the same family as traditional Reishi with similar health properties.

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Ganoderma applanatum is a mushroom that is known to grow worldwide and that has been widely used in folk medicine for a number of health benefits.

  1. Can help with digestion issues.
  2. Can help to reduce phlegm in the airways.
  3. Is known to have the potential to relieve pain.
  4. Is said to have immunoregulating properties

Our Ganoderma applanatum extracts are made from mushrooms that are wild-crafted by the Siekopay People in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

How we do it

This full spectrum concentrate is designed to keep the full spectrum of active components of the Ganoderma applanatum mushroom intact.

We use our proprietary extraction technique to extract and concentrate actives, flavors and aromas. We avoid heating the plant throughout the entire production process. This keeps essential bioactive properties and synergy of the mushroom intact.

Every milliliter of extract contains the actives of 1 gram of dried mushroom.

Suggested use 

Take 2-5 drops per dose to up to 3 times per day.

Use as dietary supplement directly under tongue or administered to foods.


Ganoderma applanatum; water, alcohol(60%)

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