Munay Bobinsana Flower | Heart Opener | Extract

Munay Bobinsana Flower | Heart Opener | Extract

Munay Bobinsana flower is a concentrated extract of Calliandra angustifolia, otherwise known as Bobinsana. This plant is known by indigenous people to have certain heart opening qualities.

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Munay Bobinsana flower is a concentrated extract of Calliandra angustifolia, otherwise known as Bobinsana. It is a  3:1 concentrated full-spectrum Bobinsana extract that contains fresh calliandra angustifolia flower, purified water, and alcohol(64%).  For every liter that we produce, we use 3 kilos of freshly harvested flowers.

This tree grows abundantly in the Napo province in Ecuador.  The base materials for this tincture are sustainably harvested by a befriended Kichwa family in Napo province, Ecuador.

Calliandra angustifolia is a bushy tree that is native to the Amazon rainforest of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.  The tree is also known as Serenita Bobinsana. Serenita means mermaid. It is called that way because the plant likes wet soil. You can see it growing abundantly near rivers. Bobinsana brings an inherent female energy.

You usually find Bobinsana growing alongside rivers. Bobinsana’s roots run deep; about 7 times as deep as the height of the tree. Its branches are flexible, fibrous, and, strong. They are therefore very difficult to break.

Traditional use 

Bobinsana is mainly revered for its heart-opening qualities. It can enable a person to release blocked emotions and relieve tension.

However, this plant mainly works on a spiritual and emotional level. It is said that because Bobinsana has such a deep root system, groundedness is part of her personality. It is believed that this trait can give a person strength and resilience. This is especially true when people are subject to grief, stress, or other negative emotions.

Bobinsana has been traditionally used for a number of things. In Peru, it has been used as a contraceptive for women.

Consuming Bobinsana may make a person dream more vividly. Sometimes it is even referred to as a lucid dream herb.

Indigenous people have used Bobinsana for its anti-rheumatic, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, its effectiveness has not yet been shown in a clinical setting.

Safety information

Do not take during pregnancy.

Suggested use

Take 5-10 drops per dose up to 3 times daily.

Add to beverage or take directly under the tongue.

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