Nelumbo nucifera | Pink lotus | Sacred water lotus | East indian lotus | Sacred lotus

Nelumbo nucifera | Pink lotus | Sacred water lotus | East indian lotus | Sacred lotus

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Family: Nelumbonaceae

Genus: Nucifera

Origin: Thailand

Common Names: Sacred Water Lotus, Pink Lotus, East Indian Lotus, Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India


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As an aquatic plant, Nelumbo Nucifera or the Pink Lotus is a remarkable plant and has got great reputations due to its excellent results. Nelumbo Nucifera has the capabilities of living both inside and on the surface of water. Its characteristics resemble much of the plants that are found growing in water. Like most aquatic plants, its main stem and roots are inside the water and often reach the ground on the bottom of the water pool, and its flowers bloom on the surface. The plant has many other characteristics that make it survive in the harsh conditions of the water. For it to continue prospering it requires enough sunlight for its flowers to bloom and for proper growth. In order for the flower to receive enough of the sunlight, the plant is well adapted and hence develops its flowers at the very surface of the water.  Most people mistake the Lotus plant with the Water Lily when they look at its flower ‘floating’ on water. To prevent further confusion over its name, let us look at other of its common names: Sacred Water Lotus, White Lotus, East Indian Lotus, Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, and Bean of India. The seeds of the Lotus have remarkable resilience and can hence withstand many natural disasters and manage to procreate through its seeds.

There are several ways that the Lotus plant is used in a common set up. It is regrettable that most people do not have a full understanding of the  properties of the Lotus. It is common to see people use it for decorative purposes. On the other side of the plant’s coin, its stem, its seeds and flower have healing properties which have been used as remedy for the following: The Pink Lotus flower is held in high esteem and regarded as sacred by the Buddhist, Hindu and Egyptian religions that commonly believe that this enchanting flower can bestow one with fertility, prosperity and inner peace. The flowers may be used to prepare tea that has tonifying and pain relieving properties. Other effects of this warm, euphoric plant include increased circulation, sexual stimulation and enhanced memory function. The stamen is known to be the most potent part of the Pink Lotus and its use aids one in meditation, relaxation and grounding. Other uses include its being used as a detoxifying agent in the human body.

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