Nunalabs Cacao Extract | Theobroma cacao

Nunalabs Cacao Extract | Theobroma cacao

Nunalabs Cacao full spectrum concentrate is an extract of Theobroma cacao husk, which is a waste product of the chocolate industry. Indigenous people in Central America have revered cacao for its health benefits. Strong mood lifter.

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Theobroma Cacao is revered worldwide because its fruits are the primary ingredient to one of the most commonly consumed delicacies in the world: Chocolate.

Consuming cacao regularly has many positive effects for human health. The benefits are widely studied:

Our Cacao extracts carry the taste of cacao, but also contain the compounds that are responsible for lifting mood as well as lowering blood pressure and inflammation.

We use the organically certified cacao shell as a base material for our extracts. Because of its texture, the hard shell enclosing the Cacao is not used for chocolate. It’s full of plant actives that are full of potential health benefits that remain largely unused in the chocolate industry.

This full spectrum concentrate is designed to keep the whole of the plant intact. Because we never expose our base materials to high temperatures, vitamins, and other compounds stay intact.
Chocolate, sweet undertones.
Suggested use
Take 5-10 drops directly under the tongue or administer to food or beverage.
Theobroma Cacao, Water, Alcohol(20%)

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