Nunalabs Maca Concentrate | Lepidium meyenii

Nunalabs Maca Concentrate | Lepidium meyenii

Nunalabs Maca extract is an extract of lepidium meyenii. A tiny plant from the Peruvian highlands that is supposed to contain adaptogenic properties. This liquid extract is both deliciously sweet and full of energizing and hormonal balancing properties!

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Lepidium meyenii, otherwise known as Maca, is a medicinal plant that originally grows in the Peruvian province of Junín. It is an adaptogen that has been cultivated by indigenous people of the highlands for centuries and is locally considered a sacred medicinal plant. The same plant can have one of three colors of the root; yellow, red, or black. Each color has its own medicinal benefits. This extract is made from yellow Maca, the color that is considered most suitable for daily consumption.

Research indicates that there are several health benefits to taking Yellow Maca regularly:

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