Nymphaea pubescens | Red lotus | Flowers | Sacred lily of the nile

Nymphaea pubescens | Red lotus | Flowers | Sacred lily of the nile

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Family: Nymphaeaceae

Genus: Nyphaeae

Origin: Thailand

Common Names: Kumuda, Neel Kamal, Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, Blue Egyptian Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile, Waterlillies

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Nymphaea pubescens is native to Tropical Asia, this exquisitely flowering aquatic perennial is commonly cultivated in water gardens and appreciated for its beauty and elegance.

In Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist religions Lotus flowers have long been revered, the belief being that this special flower may bring one prosperity, fertility, purity and vitality.

Lotus flower, pods or petals are the more commonly used part of the plant in traditional tea or smoking blends, however the stamens are known to be the most potent part of the lotus. Traditional use of the stamens result in a state of peace and deep relaxation with reported effects of lucid dreaming. The Juice is bitter and astringent has some narcotic properties.

In Nepal and India the flowers of Nymphaea pubescens are used in treating diabetes, liver disorders, urinary problems, menorrhagia, blenorrhagia; they are also used as tonic and aphrodisiac.

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