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Bulk Natural Remedies

Because we live in Ecuador ourselves, we guarantee that the Natural Remediesare ethically grown and sustainably harvested .
We ship from The Netherlands, Europe, and therefore guarantee to provide the highest service in shipping, packaging and customer service.
We will happily inform you about our bulk packaging and pricing.

Our Vision

We are adventurous researchers, we are wisdom seekers and parents, we are Newhwerbals!
At Newhwerbals, we believe that plants and their environments are sacred. It is this core value that helps us to guarantee highest purity and quality for our products.

Through our projects we support and work closely with small families who depend on natural resources for their own consumption and to make a living. Furthermore, they want to share their traditional wisdom, medicine and practices for building resistance.

We offer natural remedies that have been developed by employing traditional wisdom in a sustainable manner. We work to improve both the economic and health care conditions of our providers in their local communities, and our customers in their daily life.

Join us in our quest for the best natural remedies! We want to share them with you and connect you to other cultures and their traditional wisdom.

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